Home Insurance
Home insurance cover can help you to protect your property investment by paying for the repair or replacement of your assets, ensuring you aren’t left with a huge bill if you suffer misfortune, such as fire, flood, or theft.

Home Insurance

There are three main types of home insurance: buildings insurance, contents insurance, and combined buildings and contents insurance.

Buildings insurance covers the structure of your home – for example, your walls, windows and roof, as well as permanent fixtures and fittings, such as baths, toilets and fitted kitchen.

Contents insurance covers the possessions in your home.

Combined Buildings and Contents insurance covers both.

As well as covering you for theft, home insurance also protects you against damage caused by a number of unforeseen events, including flooding, fire and explosions and can cover accidental damage and lost items.

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Why do I need home insurance?

Whether you’re an owner-occupier or a landlord, suitable buildings insurance isn’t compulsory in law.  However, if you have a mortgage or are seeking one, suitable buildings insurance is usually an essential requirement of your mortgage lender.

Where to get advice

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